Jane Iredale Skincare Makeup

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup is a skincare focused brand.

If you are looking for the prefect makeup products to enhance your true beauty, you have found it.

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup is made from the highest grade minerals, they don’t contain cheap filler materials, preservatives or synthetic coloring agents.

Why use Jane Iredale Mineral makeup?

-These products contain no chemicals

-Easy to apply

-They contain SPF protection

-They contain anti-inflammatory ingredients

-They contain ingredients which may minimize the signs of aging

-Dermatologists and the Skin Cancer Foundation recommend the daily usage of Jane Iredale foundations to avoid skin cancer

– Foundation colour matching is the perfect way to find your perfect foundation colour. We can try on different textures and different colours until you are happy with the result.

-You can easily book an appiontment for a colour match session and learn how to use award winning Jane Iredale products.


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